Small Corporate Firm

What do you want to know about small firms that represent corporations and commercial enterprises?

Are small firms composed of losers, those who couldn’t make it in large law firms?

I say that having heard it from so many dissatisfied lawyers in BigLaw. That is the impression they got in law school and in the law firm.

With so many years in the legal community, I have the advantage of having seen the founding (and the dissolution) of so many firms. So often what are now good size law firms with solid reputations were started by two or three competent lawyers in BigLaw tired of either being mistreated or simply thinking they could grow and manage a firm better than those in charge of their present firm.

What fields do they practice in?

That is what you will learn from you.r research. I think that it will surprise you. I often refer clients to the website and profile of my friend Dick Gelb who I have for years labeled as someone involved in “complex litigation.” He has two partners, his wife, Gail, and their son, Dan. There are also two associates. .

  • What else do you want to know?
  • Are there advantages to practicing in a small firm?
  • Are there disadvantanges?

In the past there were frequent articles about lawyers who had made the transition from BigLaw with varying degrees of success. Currently, with the upheaval in the legal community, there are bound to be more.

I also recommend that you refer to the Resources section of this website for the links on FindLaw and Justia to find out more about areas of law that appeal to you and, along with lawyers who practice in those areas.

Even if you do not intend to go solo, take a look at and Solo Practice University to learn more about the practices and lives of those who are solos and small firm practtitioners.