Have you been saying for a long time that you would leave your law firm position if you had a reasonable alternative option? Let me help make you aware that you have them.   

Much has been written about the extraordinarily high percentage of dissatisfied lawyers.

For over twenty-five years I have had the privilege of advising and guiding dissatisfied and unemployed lawyers as they assume control over, and take responsibility for, all important decisions relating to their careers.

Many of my clients have practiced commercial litigation for years in a large law firm and have changed firms at least once with the assistance of a headhunter. They refer to that process as “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”. Some believe they were not given career guidance by their law schools and, as a result, feel they are aimlessly wandering in the legal community. Others have lost their jobs or have reason to believe that may happen in the near future.

Once dissatisfied lawyers learn they are not trapped and others recognize that they have options, clients begin to regain the sense of self-confidence and self-worth lost through years spent in law schools and law firms. With a positive outlook, they are prepared to fully engage in the career planning process: reviewing their personal paths; examining their goals and values; considering their options; and searching for and finding satisfying situations.

As you plan the next stage of your career, I invite you to read the articles here as well as on my blog and contact me so I can respond to your specific questions about my services.

In addition, Lexis Hub has published a series of 14 articles written by me on how to find a satisfying position. To read them, scroll to the end of this final article where you will find the titles of all of them and begin reading from the first one "Understanding Career Planning."

As you review the material, keep this in mind:

"Your professional life holds the possibility of autonomy, satisfaction, integrity, self-respect, and, most meaningful of all, the prospect of sleeping well after a long day on the job and waking up looking forward to going to work. And all you have to do is take control." p.1, Lawful Pursuit, Ronald W. Fox, 1995

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